Art, Design, and Writing by Raji Purcell

Monday, June 22, 2009

Artist Statement

There is a theory eagerly being discussed within the scientific community about the properties of matter not being solid. That nuclei exit from our existence and return constantly without anyone being sure as to where it goes. This theory of matter being transient and inconstant is something I enjoy exploring in my work.

I use geometric objects contrasted with organic to represent what we commonly perceive as matter. However; I take these geometric objects even further into representing our existence and society on earth as being rigid, and uncomfortable. To me, the organic objects represent theoretical thinking, souls, and existences beyond what is physical, beyond the geometric objects.

The figures in my art not only give the viewer a personal relation to the piece, but are also shifting in and out of existence, and sometimes even transcending the physical.

My work also explores the mind, free thought, and escaping the mind's sometimes oppressive patterns. The brain, a ball of string, and a bird are all symbols for the mind in different states.

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